This blog is intended to be a learning and sharing experience. It is not intended to be another set of rules to follow. It is information to use while each person makes their own decisions. It is also a forum for me to receive feedback on theoretical ideas that I use in my practice.

Thanks for participating and sharing your valuable insights.

Michael Rebel, LMHC



Monday, January 19th, 2009


For tens of thousands of years mankind has survived, developed and evolved into the contemporary version. As we have increased our technical skills we have become arrogant and have begun to hold ourselves above the laws of nature. These natural laws influence every aspect of our lives. These influences can be redirected to some degree but they always affect the outcome. One would be well served to remain in congruence with the laws of nature and the laws of physics. I am aware that our general population is not interested in communing with these natural laws. Instead, our society is constantly striving for a way to escape living with them. We think that with our knowledge and technology we can escape change, thus avoiding pain, fear, sadness and most particularly anger. In avoiding these feelings we also avoid happiness because we fear the “pain” of loss of happiness.

I propose that acceptance of all the natural laws and acceptance of all the emotions linked to change will instantly improve one’s life. It will lead to a sense of existential contentedness. I propose that the energy we call life, like all energy, moves in a spiral, the spiral of emotions that accompany growth in the ever-expanding universe.

– Michael Rebel


Monday, February 2nd, 2009

We are led to believe we are a healthy population. We are supported in our denial about our culture’s rampant chronic pain, perverse behaviors, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and immunodeficiency conditions. I see a nation that is well medicated, maintained with pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. I contend that the majority of this decline is directly related to our ignorance about being subject to Natural law. Natural law is the combination of physical laws and human genetic coding that influence our lives. It includes the fundamental laws pertaining to life as we know it on earth. Western civilization has been living an everyday life that tends to ignore or even challenges these laws of nature. Humans disregard their role as members of the animal kingdom. We believe that our technology is going to lift us above the rules of the universe or at least allow us to defy or change them to suit our needs. I contend that this belief system is the single most prevalent underlying problem influencing the well being of our population. If we do not bring our lifestyle back to a state that can be maintained by our archetypal information the dis-ease will only get worse.

– Michael Rebel