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ADHD epidemic (A proposition)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

It is this theorist’s opinion that the increase ADD is due to early life issues.  It is a form of hyper-vigilance driven by intensified abandonment issues.  These survival issues fuel a fear that causes the child to focus intently on a specific field. This focus severely limits awareness of peripheral factors .  Somewhat like viewing the world through a telescope. This is done in order to feel safe.  The narrowing of focus creates an awareness of finer detail in smaller field of view.  Thus, providing an opportunity to avoid fears and to keep one’s attention diverted from more painful situations.

The hyperactive (HD) component is due to increased and intense grief responses. Often a depression is brought about by the high frequency of changes.  In some children this becomes a fear of “depressed to death” .  The hyperactivity is a compensation for this seemingly lethal depression.  The child is compelled to keep moving so their body remains stimulated and vital.  Like the pacing zoo tiger in its small cage.  The tiger must move or become ill.

Our family environment with its changing structures and parenting behaviors is fluctuating  faster than the human’s capacity to evolve. Creating an overwhelming intrapsychic depressive grief response.

The mitochondrial DNA takes generations to modify.

Idealism is a rather impulsive thought process causing rapid and frequent change.

Our fixation with “new and better” ways to do things causes short sited prediction of  benefit or harm.

I propose that in this hurry up world we are geometrical increasing the entries and exits of the parents and caretakers in the child’s life.   I believe that some children develop ADD to compensate  for the overwhelming numbers of changes.   In order to compensate for their inability to reconcile with their DNA driven instincts, adaptations and expectations they divert to an anxious self stimulating ego mechanism..

I also propose that ADHD is not a disease or psychiatric problem.  It is a direct result of our societies ill-considered narcissistic parenting practices.  That our desire to make life easy causes behaviors that become psychological issues.  Most prominently effecting self esteem and security issues and impairing the child’s ability to relax and feel secure..

I have found that remediation, without medication is possible in appropriate settings!

Michael Rebel LMHC




Friends Passing

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I have recently experienced the deaths of several life long friends.  I shed some tears and felt some pain in my heart last night. Sleep came and reflection continued into dreamland.  I am glad they were part of my life.  The little vignettes that I shared with each were sweet to recall.  I am smiling now.  I awoke this morning acutely aware of making more memories with friends. I am looking forward to the funeral Wednesday to recall and celebrate what we all have created with our life experiences.