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Psychotherapy is a process involving the search for the underlying cause of unconscious motivation. It is somewhat similar to a surgical medical procedure in that it goes directly for the underlying problem is designed to neutralize the effects of trauma. Regressive forms of psychotherapy are indicated when the strategic decisions that one comes to in one’s life cannot be implemented intentionally. This blockage indicates inconsistencies in one’s life that interfere with internal harmony. The source may be unaccepted archetypic impuses or it may be due to a traumatic disruption in our early years.

There is a law of physics that applies here. “One cannot change the past” I propose that one can only change how they perceive and feel about the past. I believe this law implies that the only way to change our memories is to relive them in the present and come to a new conclusion. I propose that the decompensations and “flashbacks” in our lives are not “sickness” but attempts to heal by bringing the past alive in the present.

Many of the esoteric arts an medicine are misused when they are aimed at suppressing the pain instead of working through it.

Remember there is no thing called pain. Pain is a message from the body to the brain. The only communication the body uses are pain/pleasure, comfort vs discomfort, and desire.

Michael Rebel


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  1. I’ve been a patient of Michael’s for several years and thank God, he never gave up on me. I had a multitude of ailments from PTSD to anorexia to cutting. I spent years wallowing in self pity, self torture, and self deprivation and what I didn’t realize was, I was hurting my family more than I was hurting myself. One month ago, I had an epiphany and it was as if I was a whole new person, literally overnight. My perspective is no longer skewed, my spirits are up, my anxiety is gone, and I’m living my life again. One of the most important things I learned, was to stop asking the unanswerable question, “Why?” The truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is family, friends, your passions and focusing on what makes you happy now! I’ve learned that Our peace of mind increases in spite of suffering; we become braver and more enterprising; we understand more clearly the difference between what is everlasting and what is not; we learn how to distinguish between what is our duty and what is not. Our pride melts away and we become humble.

    Om Shanti Om

  2. Michael says:

    Bravo!! Thank you for your wisdom.

  3. PJ says:

    I read an article today reminding me of the power of living an authentic life. That despair comes from the disconnect between how we live to fit in with our world–family, work, friends, and that which we truly ARE. It sounds like Debbie found her authentic self–or received the gift of it–by her vigilant journey toward peace. My question is not “why” as I believe we all get difficult stuff dumped on us from which we hopefully overcome, learn and grow. That, to me, is the purpose of life. My questions are “who” and ‘how”. Who am I, really, and how do I find what is authentically me. As I get older, it is harder to live for myself, to be authentic, to live according to my true self, to get to where Debbie is. I work constantly, so the role of businessperson overrides most everything else. But I am not THAT. I care for elderly parents, not much time for joyriding on the Harley. I look in the mirror and see a frumpy oldster when in my head I look like I’m 20. So how do you get to that good place. Please don’t say years of hard work–I’m not sure I have the fortitude! But thank goodness for success stories like Debbie’s. There is hope from that. Congratulations, girl!


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