Comfort is a biochemical state.  It is the hormonal cocktail preferred by the individual.  It consists of a unique formula of hormones within ones body.  The formula is concocted during the first 5 years of life.  Our system adapts to it and prefers it.  It becomes our homeostatic biochemical state.  We model our lives around situations that cause us to revisit this state.  It is in essence an addiction. We prefer it even though we profess to wanting something else we call happiness.  The medical profession then labels this discrepancy a “chemical imbalance” and sets out to to challenge it chemically.  Healing, breaking the habit (addiction),  is accomplished though breaking the old familial ties.

Michael Rebel LMHC



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    The posts on Emancipation and Happiness/Comfort are timely as I am freaking out today about my 18 and 20 year old. But, my question of the day is— Can you recommend a Family or Anniversary ritual for an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary for my parental units????

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