Crumbling towers

I was watching the news this morning and they were commenting on a situation where bullies had severely burned an innocent victim. As everyone would expect the mother was horrified, tearful and distraught . She was doing the right thing but it was too late. The commentator was selling information for her advertisers.

The commentators interviewed the professionals and they made their useless commentary.  Each of them focusing on the symptoms involved but none addressed the foundation problem.  Where was the father???  Where was the male voice in society’s reaction???  Where was the male honor code,  that when followed causes men to provide an umbrella of protection for all around them???

The gang problem was mentioned. It was not said that it has been linked to the absence of male supervision and initiation by the elders.  Gangs are adaptations where the boys are teaching  boys to become  men who behave like boys pretending to men.  Violence is directly relative to despair. Where are the men??? Real men??? Men who would die rather than dishonor themselves!!!

Bullies were discussed but no one talked about them being unloved, mislead  youth struggling in a society that cannot protect them.  Trust me, everyone measures their “well being” as physical “well being” in  their subconscious. ” Your father protects your family and your mother loves openly in your functional archetypic family.  You grow up to know how to be a functional parent. A father protecting and supporting his family.  A mother who within the protection and support of the father feels safe and is able to love openly. Parents who collaborate in raising a child who listens and learns to be strong and loving.

Stop the deterioration of our moral fiber. Stop the collapse of the tower of honor and the crumbling of our once noble society into a pit of fear.  Let the men behave like men. Let our boys grow up to be strong and courageous men.  Let the women be women with the privilege of safety and unfaltering support.  Let the children be controlled and protected by the functional parents.  Let the family system be worth fighting for.  Let nature take it’s course, each of us taking our “natural” role.

Michael Rebel LMHC


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