Life in our culture is just one big drama.  300,000,000 million people trying to turn a boring life into something to talk about.  Something that will interest us enough to energize us enough to keep us out of boredom and despair.

Our society has developed a maize of supports to protect the general population from itself and the natural flow.  The net result of this protective infrastructure has left us naive and hollow.  Sky divers jump out of planes so they can encounter danger and yet they would kill a spider because it might hurt them.  We have to create risk because we avoid life.  We are already living in some cyber world that doesn’t feed our development.  It has even begun to retard our growth toward self empowerment.

Our children our drawn to horror shows because they need fear to develop certain aspects of their brain.  The horror movies are dramatic substitutes for the wolves that used to live in the woods.  One only has self esteem as long as one frequently faces some form threat and over comes it.  If we create a safe life we become the weak victim of that very same life. We use false threat and irrational fear as a dramatic substitute for the real challenges of life.

As a society we complain about our youth’s sense of entitlement.  We complain about their lack of incentive and discipline and yet we are the ones that have become fundamentally weak.  Our weakness manifests in our over protection of them so we do not have to face the risk of losing them. We do not have the fortitude to instill even the slightest Spartan characteristics in our children and ourselves.

Drama ….drama…..drama…….its everywhere.

Walk into the forest.  Spend one weekend there without technological support and find out just how weak and frightened you really are. You’ll see that most things you now fear are irrational, dramatic episodes.

They are about meaningless drama not survival!

Michael Rebel LMHC, Human ecologist.


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  1. jesse says:

    this takes me back to scout camp, oh how everything was simple then, but if i just take the time to step back and look at the big pitcure it becomes clear, that life has always been simple, we’ve just muddied up the waters and now we have to take the time to let them settle.

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