Out of the “Burbs” into the natural world

I have a neighbor, a very nice lady from the “burb” mentality.  We live on a really pristine lake.  Lots of fish and wildlife with a healthy littoral zone.  However, she had decided that the way nature had designed the shore was not very aesthetic.  There should be no weeds and there should be a white sand beach like the picture of perfection in her head.  The “burb” idea of perfection.  She was also afraid of what might live in the weeds.

One summer day I coaxed her to come into the water with me and help clean out a small spot.  A spot where the boats had already shaded out the emergent weeds.  Being a real sport she joined me.  This brief little encounter allowed her to dispel some of her fears.  Funny thing, I haven’t heard her complain as much about the weeds since.

We can raise our future generations in a way that alleviates many of their fears.  The same fears they try to overcome in video games.  Teach your kids that we harm wildlife and are only rarely harmed by it.  Your car is the most dangerous thing in your life. Cars are more lethal than guns.  (We do not consider vehicular suicide). This way may sound radical but it could make a difference.  Take your kids camping and leave the electronics at home.  You parents too!

Teach your kids to feel as comfortable in nature as they are in your car.

Michael Rebel LMHC


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