03/01/2013 Poetic


The light of the dawn creeps through the sliding doors.
I watch as another day begins.
Just like hundreds I have experienced.
This one is different than all those leading here.
They were all different, too.
The light showing, there was a trend.
It was irregular.
Full of ups and downs.
Yet it was a declining journey.
A journey into my deepest fear.
The light of dawn comes in.
Creeping into the crevices in my mind.
Those dark places I would not allow myself to see.
Ever deepening sense .
Self discovery and remorse.
The light is followed with grief and regret.
Then awareness of my journey.
Forgiveness after the angst.
Amends, to all who have been touched.
My flailing creating, disruption.
The light comes in.
The darkness retreats.
I grow with the universal dawning.
Doors cast open.
First pain and discomfort.
The light comes in and I grow.
Arriving as a blinding flash.
With time, adjustment.
Then clearing of the soul.
Love, forgiveness, the fruit.
The light comes in and I know.
I awaken with the emblazoned memory.
I clear the fog of the past.
Each day with a brighter sense.
A day I am worth caring.
The light comes in, I
Love with a more open heart
See with a more accurate truth
Feel more intensely.
Reach a calmer faith.
God, I thank you for it all.


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