Subject: My Stream of Consciousness
Stream on 9/28/09:

Harness my energy, resources and time. No wasteful expenditures. Cautious, measured doses of insight- not everyone is prepared to receive. Listen- allow silence to permeate to receive the messages. I walk the path without knowing; I already know. I make the choice. I am not confined by my conditioning. No fear. No infections. Only purpose. I am arriving at my destination. This is my inner voice. I am understanding and yet still interpreting. I am the one. I am the source. I have been called to this place because it is so. My mind is free as is my being. Engage without consumption. I am to prevail at the tasks before me. I will receive all that I need.

Stream on 10/21 to follow…. 🙂

My words are valid and true. No fear. No doubts. No discounting. There is no room for doubt, only assurance in movement. Forward thinking amidst consciousness. Remain conscious.


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