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Natural Law

We are led to believe we are a healthy population. We are supported in our denial about our culture’s rampant chronic pain, perverse behaviors, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and immunodeficiency conditions. I see a nation that is well medicated, maintained with pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. I contend that the majority of this decline is directly related to our ignorance about being subject to Natural law. Natural law is the combination of physical laws and human genetic coding that influence our lives. It includes the fundamental laws pertaining to life as we know it on earth. Western civilization has been living an everyday life that tends to ignore or even challenges these laws of nature. Humans disregard their role as members of the animal kingdom. We believe that our technology is going to lift us above the rules of the universe or at least allow us to defy or change them to suit our needs. I contend that this belief system is the single most prevalent underlying problem influencing the well being of our population. If we do not bring our lifestyle back to a state that can be maintained by our archetypal information the dis-ease will only get worse.


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  1. T.L.O. says:

    Who is led to believe that we have a healthy population? Who is in denial? Our entire profession makes it’s living on exploiting the conditions you list above. We are absolutely not in denial and many of us rely on the very pharmaceutical companies you disparage. What is the difference in a bipolar patient taking lithium and a diabetic taking metformin? Why not engage in genetic testing if it can identify a gene linked to breast cancer or alcoholism? Also, I am not certain that we believe we are above the rules of the universe because of the very advances that science affords us? The Hubble telescope has made it possible to test the theory of black holes and to confirm black holes do actually exist. That information may be just as vital as the information gathered from the Human Genome Project. We are not being lifted up above the rules of the universe, we are just trying to understand the rules of the universe.

    The loyal opposition.

  2. Michael says:

    Our entire profession does not all use drugs.. Each and every form of treatment has its place. I am an existentialist. I believe their is good in everything. Goodness in life and goodness in death. Goodness in health and goodness illness. I am a promoter of tolerances and acceptance.

    Bipolar is seen as a “bad thing” and yet throughout history a large proportion of our finest artists and creators suffered from some form of it. Where I work it is almost always the product of what I call “ritual abuse”. I believe their suffering was in large part because of the fear of contagion which is the exact same thing evoked by products of their passion. The creations they provide elicit emotional response. Their passion is so intense that their words or works come alive in the mind of the observer.

    As for pharmaceuticals sometimes they are necessary. More often than not other health oriented practices work as well. It is purely the individuals choice. It is only my job to inform them of the options.

    As for trying to do what I believe is the universe’s job, controlling life equates to controlling death and vice versa. I would not want the job. It would be too stressful for this old boy. Who gets too, or has to decide.

    Personally I have no agenda for anyone other than myself. I do challenge and inform others of options. It is their life to spend as they wish!

    Thanks for your comments.

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